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At Capricorn TVET College, ‘Achieving Excellence Together’ isn’t just a tagline; it’s our commitment. Join our supportive community for top-quality education, unwavering support, and a limitless future.

Striving for Excellence as One. Proudly in partnership

Improving access to education.

The college has become the first choice institution for further education responding to the skills of the economy.

Capricorn TVET College Online

To be the leading Vocational and Career Training Institution of Excellence.

Capricorn TVET College offers vocational occupational and skills training programmes that provide students with scarce, critical skills and practical experience in the field that present good prospects of employment. All College programmes are accredited nationally.

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Worried about getting stuck? Don't be! Our dedicated Student Support Team is available 24/7, 7 days a week. Whether you need administrative guidance or technical assistance, we're just a click away. And if you prefer face-to-face help, visit any of our campuses for in-person support. We've got your back, always!

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Forget about costly data plans and heavy textbooks. We're proud to announce that all learning and communication on our platform are completely free of data charges! That's right, no more worrying about running out of data while studying. Our learner portal is ZERO RATED on both Vodacom and MTN networks.

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Our Academic Programmes

Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

Capricorn TVET College has become the first choice institution for further education for many young people as the programmes offered directly respond to the priority skills demands of the South African economy. 

Explore Business Studies

Explore our various commerce focused Certificates and Diplomas

Explore Engineering Studies

Explore our various technical focused Certificates and Diplomas

To be the leading Vocational and Career Training Institution of Excellence.

The College aims to achieve its vision by offering responsive, flexible, and quality programmes that are accessible to all learners through formal learning, skills development, and learnerships. This is achieved by forming partnerships with relevant stakeholders, making use of committed human capital, and employing appropriate physical and fiscal resources.

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